History of the Japanese Soaking Tub

By Cindy
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Japanese culture has always been very rich in traditions and customs. If you take a closer look into the history of Japanese culture, you would come to know that they have always given bathing special importance as bathing is a significant and important part of that same history. Bathing was looked upon as an important ritual in Buddhist cleansing traditions which featured special types of tubs in which these rituals were performed in. As time passed by, these special kinds of deep soaking bathtubs became immensely popular around the world, regardless of their religious affiliation. So, what makes them so exciting and popular? Read on.

The first thing that you will notice when you see Japanese Soaking Tubs is that they are smaller in size than the types Westerners associate a bath tub with. The most unique features is that there are seats made in them for you to sit on. Although these bath tubs may resemble a large barrel, its the design that helps your body soaking as you sit comfortably with water coming up to your neck. Try soaking your entire body in a traditional tub! You’ll find that these types of tubs are much deeper than the one you associate non-Japanese bath tubs having. Since these bathtubs are much deeper than normal, you can soak your body fully, which easily gives them the edge if you are looking for a bathtub to soak away your worries in.

Once inside your Japanese bathtub, you’ll find that it is also much hotter than traditional tubs. Built to withstand higher temperatures, its the heat that helps to provide total pleasure. Just ensure the water is hot enough to enjoy, but cool enough not to burn your skin. This provides you the full Japanese bathing experience.

It is an interesting fact that the Japanese never actually wash themselves in those bathtubs; they washed themselves before getting into the tub. The tubs were mainly used for the purposes of soaking themselves which offered an opportunity for a rejuvenating experience in complete relaxation.


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