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Whether creating a custom spa or custom tub, Diamond Spas represents true homegrown craftsmanship and produces the highest quality products. Every product that roles out of Diamond Spas manufacturing has had the benefit of being worked on by over 5-7 artisans depending on the current product that the artists are working on. For example a stainless or copper swimming pool is going to need a lot more man hours than a custom copper sink, but the whole process for each custom piece is a collaborative one with each artists input and design.

Did you know that a welder can tell their work by the seam welds? Almost like a fingerprint, weld lines are a welder’s signature if you will. I read once that anyone can learn to weld, but to be really good at it you must practice, practice and practice more. We have some of the best welders in the business with most of our welders learning under the age of 16 and having an average of 15-18 years under their belt. I would say there has been quite a bit of practicing going on there.

One of the most common questions we get here at Diamond Spas is about our weld lines. Because every product is hand made from flat sheet metal, our products will have weld lines. Manufactured hot tubs or spas are machine made with molds and acrylics. Nope, you won’t find weld lines with these type of acrylic spas because they are molded. Check out what a weld line is and how they look here. There is a difference between a metal spa and and an acrylic one. Call us today and let us show you and tell you the difference.

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