Hospitals Add Swim Spas to Aid in Patients Therapy

By Cindy
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Hospitals across the county are finding that water therapy is a vital part of their rehabilitation programs for their patients who are dealing with orthopedic and neurological disorders. Swim Spas are now becoming fixtures in many of these hospitals put in place for those patients who experience symptoms such as pain, weight bearing restrictions after surgery, swelling, changes in muscle tone and weakness. Water therapy combines traditional exercise with the water’s buoyancy to enhance and speed up the rehabilitation process. Some of the aquatic programs that the hospitals are putting in place with these swim spas are weight management classes, arthritic programs to increase motion and strength, Fibromyalgia clinics to help reduce pain, seniors programs to improve muscular strength, and Parkinson’s Programs helping those patients with stretching and balancing. Aqua therapy makes it easier to start the healing process and gets the patient feeling healthier.

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