HOT Colors in Design for 2011

By Cindy
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Stay ahead of the curve. Learn what colors are hot for 2011 and beyond.

When determining the color forecast for years to come, color and trend experts travel the globe studying what influences our moods, attitudes and culture. Be it environmental, economical and / or political, all play a huge role in the direction of color and how it impacts our surroundings. The following are color trends for 2011 that are a reflection of our current economy and our ever-changing world. These colors exude warmth, comfort, reassurance and excitement.
Grey Shadows: The new neutral — an organic color that has been consistently growing in popularity since 2000. Grey has a reputation of being a “cool color” but can be warmer with a brown base. Tone-on-tone combinations create a sophisticated look and can be combined with brilliant teals, yellows and purples for a little zing.

Purple Passion: Rich plum purples and vibrant violet purples have been the hot colors! Purple is exotic, sensual and eclectic and symbolizes the spirit of adventure. It adds richness and sizzle to a space. However, the color has to be used very carefully in home furnishings. One wall can speak volumes and create excitement. Accents add punch to the space without being overwhelming.

White is the New Black: White conveys the craving for silence, space and the freedom to introspect and renew. It is certainly growing in popularity around the world. Minimal, organic, spacious all-white interiors are the ultimate in sophistication. There are many variations of white, from a chic vanilla to a cool icy white, but when used, it should be implemented in clean and uncluttered spaces.

Prosecco: Hues that range from pale champagne to a golden or deep bronze gold. It was originally featured in 2000, and as we move forward to the end of the decade, the sheen and glamour of the color has become apparent.

Lemon Zest: Playful, bold and with high energy, yellow is the color for this year’s decorating palettes. It exemplifies warmth and also sparks imagination and innovation. Aegean Blue: The most popular color within the last few years has been Oxygen, a subdued spa blue-green. But now the color is evolving into a deeper merged blue green. Aegean is the color of tropical waters, which are ever changing. No matter what the shade of blue, blue is big!

Eco-Verde: The popularity of green is no surprise as it reflects on the environmental trends. Green is associated with the serenity of nature and creates a feeling of comfort. The “new green” is reminiscent of kiwi and lends newness and excitement to many neutral colors.

In-Your-Face Orange: Uncertain if it’s here to stay, but it is still appearing in many forecasts. Used sparingly, it is explosive, eye catching and expressive.

Iridescent: Playing with effects, light and shine, iridescents add a touch of glitz and elegance to a room. The proliferation of mosaic tile accents in multiple renditions can add glamour to interiors whether new or renewed. In conclusion, nothing lasts forever. Color trends continually evolve, and staying ahead of the curve is important. Understanding color trends of today and tomorrow can go a long way to creating cutting-edge designs and keeping home environments exciting.

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