Hot or Not? Diamond Spas Hybrid Pool Provides Both.

By Cindy
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Hot or not? We say both when it comes to building your custom outdoor hot tub! Swimming pools and hot tubs have always had a luxury appeal to them but sometimes it is hard to justify the price especially if you are living in a climate that had huge drops in temperatures and you won’t use the spa year round. For example Colorado’s average temperature in the coldest days of winter is 15 degrees but the summer months can climb into the high 90’s.When the temperatures get too hot outside, the last thing you want to do is get into a hot tub, but a cold pool sounds good!

A hybrid luxuryoutdoor spa that can be switched from a hot tub to a cool pool is an ideal solution. You can get the most out of a hot tub in the winter months when its cold outside and switch the pool to the chiller for warmer months allowing the swimmers to cool off from the heat and have a space to escape the heat.

By adding a chiller to the spa as well as the heating unit allows both systems to be run at different times and increases the usage of the spa getting more bang for your buck.

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