How Do the Neighbors Compete With A Copper Pool?

By Cindy
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Yes, you read it right..A copper pool. Talk about pure luxury. This stunning pool is simply breathtaking . To our knowledge this is a first in history. Diamond Spas fabricated this pool in 6 weeks out of 90% recycled copper sheet metal. “We have done many stainless steel pools and swim spas but never a copper pool,” said Caleb Salazar of Diamond Spas, “So we were really excited knowing it would come out pretty sweet”. And that is just how it did. The 150″ x 324″x 108″ pool with copper front skirting is located in the Rocky Mountains and is 100% chlorine free and instead uses a two part system composed of an ultraviolet sterilizer and hydrogen peroxide (oxidation).

A copper pool? How do the Jones’ next door compete with that?

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