How to Decide on the Best Bathroom Shower Pan for Your Space

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If you are building or remodeling a shower in your home, one of the essential elements you need is the right kind of bathroom shower pan. Years of frequent use may have caused your existing shower pan to appear worn and outdated, leading you to remodel your shower area. When it comes to shower bases, there are many different types – each with their own unique pros and cons. If you haven’t yet decided on the best bathroom shower pan for your new or remodeled shower space, there are several different types from which to choose, and some additional considerations to consider when making your decision.

Custom Shower Pan


  1. Pre-cast Shower Base

This type of shower base comes in various shapes and sizes ready to install right out of the box. Most manufacturers make pre-cast bases sure to fit almost any size, shape, and drain location.

  1. Fiberglass Shower Base

Fiberglass is lightweight and less expensive, with a gloss finish. There are fewer choices of sizes and colors as there are with other options. The thickness of the finish may vary from base to base, and over time the finish tends to show wear and become stained, making it difficult to clean.

  1. Acrylic Shower Base

Made by thermos-forming acrylic over a fiberglass base, acrylic is a very lightweight shower base option that is more expensive than fiberglass. If your old shower base was especially scratched, an acrylic shower base may be the right choice, but keep in mind that most household cleaners can cause significant damage to the finish.

  1. Custom Shower Base

You can update your shower and make it beautiful again with a custom bathroom shower pan from the master craftsmen at Diamond Spas, adding a fresh, modern aesthetic that breathes new life into your bathing area. We specialize in custom spas, pools, sinks, tubs, and other bathing elements made from stainless steel and copper. Stainless steel is a great choice for bathtubs and showers, and offers a clean, crisp, modern aesthetic many homeowners enjoy in their new or remodeled bathrooms. Copper has extremely effective conductive properties, making this natural material a great choice for a custom bathroom shower pan. Copper quickly absorbs and retains the heat of hot water, encouraging you to linger and enjoy the steamy warmth on your bare feet during your shower time. Because copper is such a malleable metal, it’s easily molded into the shape of your choice, allowing you the freedom to design a shower pan of any shape or size to fit your custom shower.

stainless shower pan


Cleaning is easy because of the natural composition of the metal. Simply rinse soapy residue with plain water after each use. An occasional wash with gentle dish soap and a soft sponge or rag will give your copper shower pan a more thorough cleaning. Water trapped below rubber mats can cause stains, so these are not recommended.


Since the bathroom shower pan is the base or foundation of the shower, it is just as important to the shower as the foundation of your home is to the integrity of the entire structure. You need to ensure that the foundation of your shower is solid and will not crack causing leaks or mold. Buying an inexpensive shower pan can have disastrous results if it causes your shower to leak into the floor below. This is an area of construction where it pays to invest in a solid surface bathroom shower pan you can depend on to perform for years to come.

Stainless Steel Shower Base

Call Diamond Spas today at (800) 951-7727 to explore how our talented designers and artisans can help you get the unique, long-lasting, solid surface custom bathroom shower pan you want for your new or remodeled shower space. Discover the unlimited possibilities when you opt for a bathroom shower pan fashioned from gleaming stainless steel or stunning, luminous copper.

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