How to decide which custom water feature is right for your space

By Cindy
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The soothing sounds and visually appealing aesthetic that comes from custom water features can bring a sense of calm and lend a peaceful air to any environment. Becoming more of a design element in construction, home decorating, and landscaping, water features, like tabletop fountains and wall waterfall fountains are increasingly being found in homes, offices, gardens, and courtyards.


When considering a custom water feature for your space there are a few questions you want to answer to make sure your design is a good fit. The first question to ask is, how big is the space where you want to put the water feature? Picking a water feature that will complement your space is key. For instances you don’t want to overwhelm a small outdoor area with large tabletop fountain . But at the same time, you want your water feature to add an element of value and not be overlooked.


The next question to ask is, what is the style of your space? For a modern or contemporary space, materials like stainless steel and glass are a good fit. For a more casual space, stone and slate can add a nice element of style. If your space is more formal or antique, then a carved stone feature might be right for the area.


Another question to consider is the type of water feature do you want. There are a few different types of water features you can chose to include in your space. They include tabletop, countertop, freestanding, and wall water features. Each type offers a unique and distinctive look and feel to your space, while providing the pleasant sound and sight that water brings.

By considering these questions, you can confidently decide on a custom water feature that reflects your taste and style. For more information on designing and building a custom water feature for your home or office space, call Diamond Spas today at (800) 951-7727.

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