How to Incorporate Modern Water Features in Your Home

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Luxury home amenities are no longer reserved only for super wealthy industry moguls. Today, architectural design service providers are responding to an increasing demand for unique luxury elements.  Homeowners are looking to create bespoke living spaces that are a sanctuary of comfort, elegance, and entertainment.

Both indoors and outside, homeowners are investing in modern water features designed to add a sense of exclusivity and distinction along with unparalleled beauty and comfort.

From gazebos outfitted with a custom swim spa to lush, green interior courtyards with water features – and from mesmerizing infinity edge pools to master baths with the feel of a Mediterranean haven, Diamond Spas allows home designers creative flexibility with an unprecedented selection of natural materials and high-end architectural modern water features for your home.

Four Ways to Incorporate Modern Water Features into Your Home

Craft a Mediterranean Mood with a Custom Spa or Hot Tub

Today’s custom spas and hot tubs marry contemporary styling with the health benefits of hydro massage therapy. The therapeutic benefits offer the perfect escape and rejuvenation after a long day. The impact of high-pressure water jets stimulates blood and lymph circulation and massages the skin, while the hot water opens and cleanses pores for an invigorating experience.

Luxurious spas are custom designed and crafted to bespoke detail. Consider a copper soaking tub in a Master bath or a stainless-steel spa with the durability to last a lifetime. Contoured lounging seats offer the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. The use of natural metals creates an Old-World mood, they also resist fading and blistering. When surrounded by contrasting foliage and natural stones, you’ve designed the ultimate Mediterranean hot water escape.

Experience the Glass-walled Pool Craze

The changing seasons are no match for a glass-walled indoor pool, which allows for brisk swimming year-round and an exhaustive supply of fun when entertaining guests. Indoor pools were once relegated only to the extremely wealthy, but today’s homeowners are looking to glass-walled pools as a perfect solution for large unused spaces. Installing a glass wall surrounding outdoor pools are becoming a must-have as Instagram is on on-fire with this newest trend.

A four-wall glass surround serves the functional purpose of connecting those inside the pool with those that are outside while creating a visual effect that draws the eye to the soothing attributes of water. An alternative style uses a one-sided glass panel to add stunning contrast and creating a unique room-with-a-view effect.

Create a Unique Space with Spill-over Water Features

Custom water features add motion, soothing sound and an organic energy to indoor or outdoor spaces.  Consider an indoor double waterfall spill-over spa, outdoor water fountains with spillover waterfalls, or a free-falling sheet falls water feature to make a spectacular impression. Water features can be added to any landscape to heighten one’s senses to natural surroundings, or indoors to provide a breathtaking focal point within a foyer or other transitional spaces.

Work with an experienced Diamond Spas consultant to create your one-of-a-kind modern water feature as a remarkable way to inspire an impressive great room or entrance way. Add illumination to any fountain design with LED lights to accentuate water ripples and sparkling dynamics of water flowing down a variety of high-end natural materials, including stone.

Employ the Optical Illusion of an Infinity Pool

Infinity pools create an oasis of water and serenity simply due to the removal of visual obstructions. The effect is mesmerizing as vanishing edges offer breathtaking views of your surroundings. As the most innovative pool design of the Millennium, an Infinity pool provides the ultimate focal point for any backyard landscape.

Diamond Spas is an experienced supplier of custom designed Infinity pools to meet your landscaping and entertaining requirements. We provide contemporary and elegant designs that incorporate unmatched craftsmanship in a wide range of water features, including custom spas, hot tubs, and pools.

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