How to Prepare and Protect your Hot Tub for Winter

By Cindy
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Most hot tubs are designed for year round use, including during the cold winter months. If you aren’t sure how to best prepare and protect your hot tub for the coming winter, here are some pro tips to protect your hot tub and enhance your enjoyment:

  1. Change the water sooner rather than later. If your home hot tub will be due for a scheduled water change during winter, it is probably better to shift the change to earlier in the year. Changing your hot tub’s water when the outside temperatures are low can be particularly challenging and raises the risk of water freezing and causing damage to your spa.
  2. Keep the water clean.  Once winter weather sets in, be sure to keep your water and all filters clean and maintained according to a regular schedule. Even the simplest issue can become more complicated to fix in subzero weather.
  1. Monitor the water level. Check the water level in your home spa frequently and add more as necessary. Your hot tub could become damaged if the water level falls too low in cold weather, especially if any of its components freeze.
  1. Invest in a good quality cover. Make sure your hot tub cover has a tight-fitting seal and is properly insulated. Check your cover prior to cold weather setting in, as it can take a few weeks to replace a damaged cover. A high-quality cover in good condition and with a proper fit will help your hot tub maintain a constant high temperature, no matter what’s going on outdoors with the weather. Use straps where possible to ensure a good fit that stays snug all winter long. Remember to use a broom, not a shovel, to remove ice and snow from your hot tub’s cover.
  2. Protect your equipment. Protect any equipment or pipe exposed to weather and wind.  Shield and insulate as best you can to prevent freezing in harsh conditions and/or in the event of a power outage, and to reduce energy consumption.

If you have an auto fill device for your hot tub or any water feature drain valves, ask your spa tech to insure they’re protected from freezing before winter arrives. Remember that spas and hot tubs are intended to operate year round; draining them and leaving them empty requires care. If you decide to drain your hot tub or spa, have a professional winterize it to verify that all water is removed from any piping and equipment, and be sure to wipe all surfaces dry.

Ask your spa-tech to review the system controls and mechanical system — is the keypad in good shape? Is the spa operating properly to avoid emergency repairs during the holidays, especially if you plan to be traveling away from home for an extended period of time. Cover an empty spa to ensure that no water enters the shell, causing stain or corrosion if left unchecked. Any water entering an empty spa can also find its way into the piping, which could freeze and cause damage.

As you’re enjoying your hot tub this winter, try this recipe for fun:

  • After 8 to 10 minutes of hot tub usage, jump out
  • Make a snow angel
  • Don’t forget the halo
  • Safely jump back in the hot tub to thaw out
  • Enjoy the tingling sensation!
  • Repeat as needed for snowy winter fun

If you’ve always wanted a home hot tub to enjoy all year round, we can make that happen for you in time for you to enjoy some winter fun. At Diamond Spas, we design, craft, and manufacture beautiful, functional spas, hot tubs, pools, and water features with beautiful, natural copper and stainless steel. If you’ve been considering the installation of a stainless steel or copper pool, hot tub, or both, contact us today. We look forward to bringing the beauty and convenience of a top quality hot tub, spa, pool, or water feature to your home or outdoor living space.


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