How to properly clean your copper tub and or sink

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If you have a beautiful natural copper tub or sink in your home or place of business, you need to know how to properly care for it, to ensure many years of use and enjoyment. You may be pleasantly surprised at how easy it is to care for your copper sink or tub.

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Copper is a natural metal with wonderfully effective conductive properties, which is one of the main reasons it makes such a great choice when it comes to luxury tubs and sinks. A copper tub quickly absorbs and then retains the heat of a tub full of hot water, allowing you time to relax in its steamy warmth. No need to keep refilling the tub to stay warm when it’s made of radiant copper!


An extremely malleable metal, copper is easily molded into the shape of your choice, allowing your designer to create a unique tub or sink just for you, whether it is a farmhouse kitchen sink with an apron front, or a stunningly beautifuly shaped copper bathtub.


Cleaning a copper sink or tub is easy because of the natural composition of the metal. Be sure to rinse or wipe any food, dirt, or soapy residue from the surface of your tub or sink with plain water after each use, and dry with a soft cloth to minimize water spots. An occasional wash with gentle dish soap and a soft sponge or rag will give your sink or tub a more thorough cleaning.

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Use of abrasive or harsh chemical cleaners such as steel wool or metal scrub pads, drain cleaners or chlorine bleach is not recommended, as this will drastically alter the finish of your copper sink or tub. Water trapped below rubber mats or sponges left in a copper sink can lead to stains, so be sure to remove these items from the bottom of your sink after use. In addition, food, toothpaste, dishes, and pots or pans should not be left sitting in a sink for an extended period of time.


Over time and with continued use, as a result of oxidation your copper tub or sink will develop its own unique patina, often called a “living finish” as the color of this natural metal never really stops changing. This patina, which is part of the natural aging process, builds on copper over time to protect it from corrosion, and results in a beautiful blend of light and dark tones. Natural patina gives your copper its charm, life, and “personality” and is much sought after. If you prefer your copper to stay in its original condition and prevent this natural process, simply wipe it completely dry after each use, and apply a normal wax once or twice a month.


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