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By Cindy
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With the summer right around the corner, the builders, contractors and architects jobs start to really heat up. Between April and September are typically the busiest months for those in the construction trades.

As we start to gear up for the busy season we wanted to give a step by step process of what you can expect when you place an order with Diamond Spas. Whether it is a custom hot tub, shower pan or luxury soaking tub, the process works the same. If you are interested in one of our custom made Japanese Soaking Tubs & Baths, swim spas or hot tubs, contact us for a quote.


PHASE 1 – Concept Design, Quote:

  1. DSI will provide quotes and information based on initial concept
    1. Size
    2. General description “what does it look like when it’s finished”
  2. The quote includes pricing for the spa and design and coordination services.

PHASE 2 – Final Design,  Coordination:

  1. Upon receipt of signed quote and 50% deposit, a project is initiated.
  2. DSI provides shop drawings to finalize a design.
  3. DSI works with client to complete interior customization, jet placement, etc…

–       Shop drawings include:

  1. Installation guidelines, Detailed plans and sections, Volume and weights
  2. Equipment specifications, Power requirements

PHASE 3 – Fabrication and Delivery:

  1. Upon receipt of approved drawings, fabrication is scheduled.
  2. DSI fabricates the spa, fills and tests it at our shop, then arranges for 3rd party shipping to specified location.
  3. Upon receipt of final payment, DSI releases the project for shipment.

–       Project Delivery includes:

  1. Fabrication
  2. Equipment as shown on shop drawings
  3. Start-up chemicals
  4. Operation Instructions, Warranty, Maintenance supplies
  5. The spas are prefabricated, pre-plumbed, and insulated vessels.

PHASE 4 – Installation:

  1. Client or contractor off-loads spa, sets in place, provides hook-ups, fills and starts
  2. Associated equipment is pre-plumbed and pre-wired so an electrician provides GFCI power to the control panel installed with the equipment provided by DSI.
  3. The equipment can be installed within the frame work of the spa “self-contained”, or is mounted to a stainless steel palette to be located remotely from the spa, within 40ft, and below the water surface of the spa.


General Services notes:

  • DSI fabricates the project and assembles the equipment products in our shop.
  • DSI recommends the Client hire a contractor to provide required field installation services.
  • The Client is responsible for permitting and must engage a design consultant to provide stamped Architectural or Engineering plans and permitting services.
  • DSI arranges shipping via 3rd party Freight Brokers. The shipping company is responsible for the delivery.
  • DSI recommends Clients locate and engage local spa service company to assist with start-up, and to maintain and service the spa into the future.


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