Hydrotherapy Spas Proves Essential in Football Locker Rooms

By Cindy
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Hydotherapy spa at Univeristy of Nebraska Double Stainless Steel Spas at University of Nebraska Training Facility

Per ESPN.com, injuries in the NFL is nothing new, however this year has seen more of its fair share of players on the injured reserve list. 181 NFL athletes are currently out of commission due to football related injuries. That is to 38 more than last year.

There are more injuries not only in the NFL but also at the college and high school levels. One of the tools used by Sports trainers and doctors is hydrotherapy spas. Hydrotherapy is one of the most ideal treatments for pain relief because water does not put any weight on muscles and joints and allows the athlete to rehabilitate without the pain. Water massaging jets can target injured areas, help with blood circulation and relieve nerve pressure at the same time. Because hydrotherapy is working so well with the injured players, trainers are beginning to use them on all the players, injures or not, stating that the hydrotherapy helps loosen tight, tired muscles and therefore prevent injuries from ever occurring. These custom spas are helping players back into tip top shape and back onto the playing field.

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