Innovative Shower Head Leaves a Crack in the Ceiling

By Cindy
Posted . Filed under Design Inspirations.

Being in the bath industry, we get to see some creative works being done from artists all around the world. Now the bathroom fittings industries (faucets and bath fillers) are starting to see a surge in dynamic design. We found this great company out of Italy, Zazzeri, that is making this intriguing shower head.

Integrating water, color and light, the trio is interwoven in this ‘crack in the ceiling’. The “Virgin” system aligns lights (RGB LEDs), flexible body sprays, shower controls and grid head to offer a contemporary charm suspended somewhere between therapeutics and high-end technology. Available in 3 different colors in its grid view (gold, steel and black).

We think a pairing with one of Diamond Spas stainless steel tubs or stainless steel shower pans would be quite cool!


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