It’s a Match

By Cindy
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When purchasing a new tub and sink, some like to go with varied mix of materials. This designer chose a stainless steel luxury bathtub, coupled with white porcelain sinks. The contrasting materials work beautifully together giving a very crisp clean appearance.

Others like the seamless look of matching all the elements in the room together, and as you can see by this coordinated stainless steel bath and sink they work just as beautifully.

Check out some of these coordinating tubs and sinks we have made for our clients.

This client chose to use the same type of ribbed copper shape on the sink matching the Atocha Tub, but wanted to amend the shape a bit to not match too perfectly.

The Sozo, also has a coordinating sink that adds a modern mix to the bathroom. Shown as a vessel sink, the sozo sink can also be made in a self rimming sink.

One of our newest custom vessel sinks, the Avalon, comes in a matching tub which is stunning. Love the Avalon line!

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