It’s All About the Edge

By Cindy
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Having a custom swimming pool in your yard has that instant “Wow Factor” and then adding an infinity edge to it just adds to that cool factor. Popular since the 80’s, the infinity edge was the symbol for “High Roller” Status. Now more common than it was 25 years ago, the swimming pool edge still has that “cool” factor, although there are more edges to choose from.

An infinity edge which I have learned is really not the correct name for these modern marvels. This type of pool design is today known in the swimming pool construction business by the names “Lautner” knife edge pools, slot edge pools, wet edge pools and perimeter pools. Perimeter edge pools aren’t just found on swimming pools, but can also be found on home swim spas, hot tubs and soaking tubs. In this particular pool design the water sits at the same level as the pool deck and flows into a slot edge at the pool’s perimeter creating a mirror like effect.

The key to success with any perimeter-edge overflow system is achieving a dead-level edge. Waterproofing is also crucial when installing perimeter-overflow gutters because you can’t afford to have them leak. A bit of a pricey feature to have on your luxury swimming pool but then again that’s why we call it luxury!

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