It’s Getting Hot in Here..So Jump into a Hybrid Spa!

By Cindy
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Nelly said it best..”It’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes”. The temps around the country are a tad bit on the hot side wouldn’t you say? With that being said, your probably not stripping your clothes off and jumping into a steamy hot tub. Not unless that hot tub is a hybrid spa by Diamond Spas. This custom hot tub has a very cool feature that works double duty. The stainless steel Hybrid Cold Plunge Pool can be transformed into a cold plunge pool with a flip of a switch. You control the temperature of the water. Hot tub in the winter and cold pool in the summer if you prefer. The hybrid spa will save on space, too. No need for two units. Combined into one streamlined product, this spa is for all seasons.


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