Japanese Soaking Tubs: Hot Trend of 2021

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If you’re looking to seriously upgrade your bathroom, glancing over the hottest trends right now is a great way to get inspiration and plan a complete revamp.

But you might not be aware of one major bathroom change that can accomplish multiple style trends in one: Japanese soaking tubs. There are several reasons why a Japanese Soaking Tub is the perfect addition to your bathroom upgrade.

  1. A Bold Statement

A Japanese soaking tub is small but deep, designed to sit upright instead of lying down. Of course, that’s the traditional way, but modern Japanese soaking bath designs are far more diverse and creative.

They can be a truly bold statement and the centerpiece of your bathroom, or any other space where you want to add the perfect combination of style and comfort.

  1. A Spa in Your Own Home

The Japanese soaking bath is a constant invitation to relax and pamper your skin from the comfort of your own home! It’s perfectly comfortable and will allow you to sit in the warm water for as long as you want, allowing your muscles to relax and your circulation to improve.

  1. A Stronger Link with Nature

A huge trend taking over homes bringing the outdoors inside. The line between indoors and the outside is getting increasingly blurred as people look to integrate the perks of nature into their personal spaces as well.

The Japanese soaking tub does just that. Its size creates a much different experience than what regular Western bathrooms can offer. The tub can also fit perfectly in small spaces if you’re redesigning to make your bathroom appear more open and larger. You can also compliment the space by adding larger windows to look out into nature as you soak.

  1. A Timeless Piece of Refined Luxury

This tub embodies how style and function can come together to create something amazing. While highly effective in helping people relax and make the most out of their bathing experience, the modern styles of the Japanese soaking bath make it a stunning accessory to add luxury to any bathroom!

  1. Customizable

Of course, you don’t have to do the traditional. Modern Japanese soaking tub designs take into account the unique requirements of the people using them. So much so, that the design can be customized to suit your needs, from the size to the materials, and perhaps extra features you desire.

Choose Diamond Spas for Refined Luxury

If you want to add a Japanese soaking tub to your bathroom and enjoy a more luxurious and relaxing bathing experience, consider Diamond Spas.

Our indoor and outdoor Japanese soaking tubs exceed expectations and prove just how big of a difference these types of tubs can really make. If you want to find more about our Japanese soaking tubs, reach out to us online today!


Copper Circular Japanese Whirlpool Bath

Copper Circular Japanese Whirlpool Bath with Partial Skirt 42″ round x 35″ (16″ skirt) Photo Credit: Copyright Michael Lichter

Rectangular Japanese soaking bath with bowed top ledge and two seats for two bathers

Rectangular Japanese soaking bath with bowed top ledge and two seats for two bathers

Elliptical Japanese bath designed with two seats for two bathers

Copyright: Sargent Photo – Elliptical Japanese bath designed with two seats for two bathers


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