Japanese Style Bath on Designers Wish List

By Cindy
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Perusing the October issue of Architectural Digest, I notice an interesting advertisement by Clarisonic (you know that cool little device that washes your face? Love mine and my dermatologist swears I will look younger-so I bought 3). Clarisonic featured award winning interior designers to get the scoop on what is new in in-home spas, which is fast becoming the new beloved room in the house. One of the notable designers featured was Laura Kirar, founder of Laura Kirar Designs who is known for her design in award winning restaurants, boutique hotels and luxury residences. Ms Kirar said that digital technology is becoming a popular choice in bath and shower fixtures. With digital operated fixtures, the bather is able to turn jets on, regulate water temperatures and pressures all with a tap of the finger. Other tips that she had for designing an in-home spa is choosing quality materials over quantity, and reducing visual clutter. “Better and fewer materials and surfaces make for a more serene environment.” On her wish list for her own personal spa? A hand glazed Japanese Style bath with large drain spout. Call us Ms. Kirar, we think you will like what we can design for you!

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