Kelly Klein Pens New Book on Iconic Swimming Pools

By Cindy
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Kelly Klein knows a thing or two about
luxury swimming pools and fashion style for that matter. The ex wife of Calvin Klein has just written her second book on pools; her latest,
Pools Reflections will hit bookstores October 9th, 2012.

A self described swim lover Klein came up with the book idea when she was designing a new pool for her own Long Island backyard (see finished pool below). Klein started to research and put together the most intriguing swimming pool images from all over the globe to create this beautiful coffee table talk book . Design creativity and freedom of expression is really shown throughout the book, loaded with amazing images of what can be done with water containment and the sheer joy that it brings to lovers of water and great architectural design.

Check out some of these custom swimming pools in her new book out mid October.


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