Key Features To Buying a Custom Sink

By Cindy
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Is a kitchen sink just any old kitchen sink?  We think not. It all depends on how you you use it, but if your kitchen is truly a “working” kitchen where you are cooking at least 3-5 days a week, then your custom kitchen sink is a vital part to the tools of the kitchen.

The kitchen sink is something that is one of the most ovelooked appliances. It’s not until you really start cooking or throwing parties that you notice the importance of the sink material, the size and shape, and drain placement that can really be a big aid in food prep and cleaning.

Sink Material:

Kitchen sinks are most commonly found in stainless steel, porcelin, copper and corian. There are pros and cons to each material but really it comes down to preference.

Stainless Steel Sinks: Won’t stain. Durable. Can match any decor. Will maintain its look. Can get scratched.

Porcelin Sinks: Matches any decor. Maintains its finish. Can stain and chip. 

Copper Sinks: Beautiful with any decor. Will change appearance. Must maintain by cleaning or polishing.

Corian Sinks: Comes in a variety of colors. Seamless. Can stain. Can’t be exposed to excessive heat.

Size and shape:

Shape is also very important when buying a sink but comes down to preference. Some like one large basin for brining or soaking turkeys or soaking large pans. Others like having two basins for seperating veggies, food prep, or seperating dirty dishes. One and two basins are more common but three basins are starting to show up in the marketplace.

Apron sinks have been trending in kitchen design for the past 3-4 years. While apron sinks, also known as farm sinks don’t really serve any funtion they serve more of a desgin aspect and feature.   

Drain placement:

You can customize your kitchen sink to pretty much anything you can dream up. For most, sink depth and drain placment are the most important. Traditionally, standard sinks have the drains placed smack down in the middle of the basin. More and more consumers are finding that an off center drain is better for drainage and stacking dishes. How many times have you tried placing a dish in the basin and it covers the drain so water and food is trapped, or you can’t place a large amount of wine glasses into the sink because the drain is in the way. For some, the off center drain is a great option.

The key to choosing the right custom sink options is to evaluate your use of your current sink. Are you using that second basin? Do you stack a lot of dishes? Do you throu a lot of parties? Examining how you work in the kitchen will help you choose the right custom sink.


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