Knife Edge Pools Are Cutting Edge

By Cindy
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Glassy mirror reflection pools are the definition of luxury swimming pools today. These gorgeous flat water surface pools gets its effects from how the pool is fabricated. There are several different variations on getting the flat glass surface “look” but the “Knife Edge Pool” idea was concepted and materialized by John Lautner, one of Frank Lloyd Wright’s most accomplished students and later, established architects. The knife edge technique is one of the most complicated designs in pool design today as the construction must be perfectly leveled to make the effect work and the location of the catch basin is essential.

Many times the knife edge pool and the infinity edge pool get mistaken with one another as their features look very similiar looking as if the water is overflowing the edges of the pool. The difference between them are that the infinity edge pool has visible ledges but the knife edge pool never shows any type of flooded coping or edge material. The water spills over the knife edge into a slot right at the top inside edge of the coping or decking material collecting into a collection gutter hidden from view. The end result is a very sleek, sophisticated looking pool.

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