Love the Kitchen Tyler, Do You do Dishes Too?

By Cindy
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What girl doesn’t love Tyler Florence? He is cute, a fabulous chef (love his Chicken Enchiladas!) and now he is decorating! House Beautiful just unveiled Tyler’s House Beautiful 2011 Kitchen of the Year. Tyler along with designer Lori Yeomans designed Manhattans Rockefeller Center with a contemporary rustic kitchen. Check out these pics from NYC.

I love the idea of having a long table in the kitchen for family and friends to lounge about as the “chef” whips something up.

A double oven is really nice to have. That is my pure pleasure appliance in my kitchen. I use my double ovens on a weekly basis. I have blogged about it before, but the Apron sink is HOT! The large open basin is great for large pots, soaking garden lettuces, and that darn Turkey. I think this is a MUST for someone who likes to cook. Not only is a great look, but it is one of those things that once you have, you will never want to go without again.

A nice nifty kitchen office space is convenient while waiting for the water to boil. Now you can pay a bill or two or get caught up with email.



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