Luxury Bathroom Design Incorporates Tub Filler

By Cindy
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A fabulous high end bath paired with just the right tub filler can make for a beautiful arrangement. As there are many soaking tubs to choose from, so is the case with tub fillers. Luxury bathroom design is incorporating a unique spin on tub fillers with ceiling and wall mounted applications.

Integrating a distinctive item into each room ‘s decor captivates the audience. Whether it is a unique piece of furniture or a creative piece of art, having something that dazzles in each room sets the stage for that certain pop of interest. Something that will surely dazzle is a ceiling mounted tub filler. The unexpected feature will not only look glorious as it travels from the ceiling to the luxury tub, but the sounds even entice the bather to sit still and listen. Water falling from the sky in a glass tube like visual is playful yet sensual.

The four separate copper ceiling mounted tub fillers is a visual masterpiece when the water is turned on. As the water rushes to the awaiting copper tub, the sights and sounds are as glorious as is sitting in the hot tub.

This wall mounted tub filler makes for a beautiful water feature when filling the tub. The streamlined look hides the plumbing and faucets usually seen with tubs. A clean, modern look focuses the attention on the Japanese bath itself.

A singular ceiling mounted tub filler brings a serene calmness over this master bathroom. A decadent stainless steel Japanese bath catches the waterfall which is trimmed out with separate volume and thermostat controllers installed on the wall.

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