Luxury Corner Bathtubs Utilize Small Spaces

By Cindy
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Stainless Steel Corner Bath

Free standing soaking tubs seem to be filling in every page of home design magazines these days, but they are not for every home owner. These high end bathtubs need large amounts of floor space to get the desired look and the space for plumbing.

For those living in small quarters, corner bathtubs may just be the answer to getting high end luxury looks in tight spaces, such as apartments, flats and condos.

Just because the bathroom is tight, doesn’t necessarily mean that your corner tub has to have a smaller well size. It really depends on what you want out of your tub and if you can forgo the decking (non drop in).

Trying to find correct sizing for corner tubs can be challenging when non standard spaces are involved. Having the ability to customize your tub is ideal in this situation. Working around cabinets, plumbing, and spacing can easily be worked around with our engineers looking at blueprints and the space involved . Purchasing corner tubs through big box retail will give you very limited choices on styles and options, and aren’t cheap. Custom corner tubs allows you to get exactly what you want whether its a larger well size, a deep neck high soak, or a partially skirted luxury tub with precise measurements that fit perfectly into your space.


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