Luxury Hot Tub at Sea

By Cindy
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We may all not be able to afford our own private yacht on the the high seas, but we can all dream right? Diamond Spas latest project was a custom stainless steel spa that was fabricated for a international yacht application. This project was a complex one with the clear acrylic floors in the foot well and side walls. The ship builder came to Diamond Spas looking for an experience at sea. He wanted to give the person sitting in the custom spa a feeling of being in the ocean. Diamond Spas was able to build to specification, the builders ideas and expectations with clear acrylic walls that gives the illusion of an infinity edge look. With two stainless steel hydrotherapy spas with clear acrylic walls siding and an acrylic pane in the bottom of the foot well that looks down into the ocean, the person in the tub can look into the sea just below their feet. Talking to one of the guests after her trip on the yacht and she said she hardly left the hot tub. Sounds like a nice vacation to us..hmm luxury yacht and luxury hot tub, I think I can handle that!

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