Luxury Lap Pool Takes Front Page

By Cindy
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Well check it out..The FRONT COVER of Interior Design just happens to showcase a very special project that we fabricated. This was one, over the top, amazing project that just exudes cool. The custom designed stainless steel lap pool was fabricated with aquarium like glass walls allowing others to view the swimmers while they are doing laps or splashing around with friends. Axial flow pumps were used to allow the swimmer to adjust the flows according to their workout routine also giving smooth fluid flows.

Sounds as if the pool is getting its fair share of use..“The pool has become a focus of family life. As Fennoy says of her energetic clients, “They use the hell out of this house.” The husband does laps several times a day. The children enjoy swimming lessons at home. And it wouldn’t be unheard of to find guests at the lively parties taking a dip. Ahhh, this just makes us smile here at Diamond Spas..Thanks for sharing the story Interior Design.

Hydrotherapy pools also known as Swim Spas have come a long way since they were first introduced in the 1970’s. The innovative exercise swim machine was developed for those who wanted to enjoy exercising and swimming in their own privacy but also didn’t have the large space needed for a residential swimming pool. Complaints from those early adopters revolved around the unnatural swim flows that the swim machines produced by the pump jets that propelled the flow. The water was choppy, uneven and hard to swim in.

Engineers went back to work on the technology and improved the design with new and improved pumps. Some of the technologies that are being used are pressure pumps, propeller and paddle pump technologies or axial flow pumps.

lg Clear Sided Swim Spa Side ViewAxial Flow pumps are used with propeller technologies and allows more water to flow through the pump with a more fluid discharge making the flow more of river like current.

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