Making Your Bathroom Your Sanctuary

By Cindy
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I was told of a children’s book the other day by a friend who reads her children a cute little book with a poignant message that many of us would appreciate. The book, Five minutes Peace, written by Jill Murphy is a story of a young mother with three young busy children. The Mother just wants some time to herself to unwind and have some quiet time to herself soaking in a bubble filled Victorian bath . Sound familiar? I know for me it does, and believe many of us can also relate. Maybe it’s not children your escaping, but a stressful job, a relationship, school, health issues, or maybe some crazy in laws! Whatever your stress is, a hot bath can give you a little respite from the day. My nightly baths last only 5-10 minutes, but there is no one talking, crying, asking, or begging. A five minute break..just me, my soaking tub and maybe a glass of wine.

Make your bathroom a sanctuary and take 5 minutes for yourself!



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