Managing Lead Times

By Cindy
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We have all heard the phrase ‘Good things come to those who wait’ and in the custom pool and spa design industry we make that our motto, but we like to think of it as”Amazing things come to those who wait!” But don’t wait to long if you want your product by the holidays!

Custom designing means doing every design and build from scratch, which means starting with recycled sheet metal. Nothing at Diamond Spas is manufactured so every part of your project is engineered specifically for the clients unique project and space. The beauty of custom designing is that every part of the product can be changed from drain location, seat heights, custom overflows, acrylics walls or water features. It really lets the clients make the custom swimming pool or spa or tub be unique to them.

The design process can take longer than expected. Diamond Spas deisgn engineers will have CAD drawings back to the client typcially within 3-5 days of the initial order unless the project is more complex. Many times the clients see the first revision and want to make modifications as they start to see all the possibilitesthat can be added.

When working with a “never-been-done” design issues are bound to arrise. That is the nature of custom design. Expect change. When DSI welders see things like rigidty and structural enhancement, they will make minor tweaks such as support channels and cross beams into the design making the product that more durable and substantial.

It is important to know that when looking to work with Diamond Spas there are lead times.  Lead times are ever changing and they vary week to week and month to month. The summer months tend to be the busier times at Diamond Spas as projects are going out for installation before the winter months hit, however for the past 2 years things have stayed busy throughout the year and there has been no lull times.

If you are looking to purchase a custom spa with Diamond Spas, start early to get the project started. It is better to have the drawings done and approved and waiting for the go ahead to fabricate than waiting till the end of the project and try to get a rush order.

Are you wanting a custom hot tub for the holidays? Current lead times are 9-11 weeks which puts projects gettting shipped for the holidays now.

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