May is National Water Safety Month

By Cindy
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As May quickly approaches we are reminded that pool safety is of the utmost concerns for anyone who owns a swimming pool or plans on being in one this summer. With the news out last week of a sweet 7 year old boy who died from electrocution in a swimming pool from a faulty wire in the pool lighting that was not grounded, we are are again reminded that water safety is not only about learning to swim and being safe around water. It is important that if you own a swimming pool or have one at your rental that you must maintain the swimming pool by certified trades every year to make sure that everything is in working order and that the pool is up to code. Last year a new law came into effect that every pool must have compliant drain covers to prevent drain entrapment. Drain entrapment is a frequent result of a swimmer’s body, hair, limbs or clothing becoming entangled in a faulty or flat drain or grate many times causing drowning.

Let’s be safe so we can look forward to a fabulous summer in the water!

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