Mediterranean Swimming Pool Designs

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Custom swimming pools are the crown jewel of outdoor water features, and Mediterranean swimming pool designs are often some of the most gorgeous. Mediterranean pool designs are also some of the most popular, and for good reason. Mediterranean style swimming pools can transform your outdoor space into an oasis and make it feel like you’re on vacation at a five-star resort in your own backyard. You know Mediterranean style swimming pools when you see them – most have a rustic, old world feel with cobblestone and terracotta, but still incorporate pops of color, usually a royal blue, in the form of solid glazed or hand-painted tiles. They’re simple, yet elegant. Despite the simplicity, there are a wide variety of different Mediterranean swimming pool designs you can add to your backyard, each beautiful in its own way.

Mediterranean style swimming pools use color sparingly, but very deliberately to imitate the colors typically associated with the Mediterranean. While teal, pink, and orange are sometimes used, blue is by far the most common and most prevalent color featured in Mediterranean swimming pool designs. Dark, rich tones of blue especially are great for replicating the water of the Mediterranean Sea and will give the pool’s water a deep, calming look if used on the pool’s finish. Blue also nicely compliments the muted white, beige, and Earth tones that make up most of Mediterranean swimming pool designs.

Terracotta’s natural, rugged texture is one of the most essential elements in Mediterranean style swimming pools because they create an instant and dramatic feeling of luxury. Whether you choose to use terracotta clay pots to house plants around your pool or incorporate the material into the design of the pool itself, no Mediterranean style pool is complete without it.

Painted tile adds a touch of style and sophistication to Mediterranean swimming pool designs and can provide a great pop of color for those who need a little bit more color variety or visual interest. They’re typically used around the ring of a pool but don’t be afraid to create an accent wall out of painted tiles or completely cover the sides of your pool with them.

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