Metal Shines In the Shower

By Cindy
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After refinishing our Master bathroom 3 years ago, my husband and I tried to do it on a budget. We took out the cheap glass shower glass with BRASS fixtures, and purchased thick glass walls that gleamed. We replaced all the old outdated faucets with oil rubbed bronze rain shower head, body jets, and a hand shower. We meticulously picked out the right travertine tile that look aged and fit with the look of the old world charm style. We then got to the shower floor and thought since it was still in condition, we would just keep the one that was in there. BIG MISTAKE! I look at that floor every day and wonder why we didn’t change it out. The shower pan sticks out like a sore thumb because we have all these quality pieces and we skimped on something that didn’t seem like a big piece of the project. Shower pans may not seem like an important part of bathroom design, but even the smallest details shouldn’t be missed. Check out this image of our custom stainless Japanese bath and shower pan. If this pan was left as it was before it would have been the typical white fiberglass pan you see in many homes. However, notice how your eye is drawn to both the bath and the shower pan because of the light that it reflects. Stunning Right?

Shower drains are also taking on a role in the bathroom design. From square drains to linear trench drains, these small details are hot in bathroom design. With a custom shower pan, the details are easily incorporated into your project.

Customizing the shower pan enables you to adjust the size to fit your needs, add built in features such as benches, soap dishes or shampoo racks. Most store bought shower pans come in just a few sizes and in only one or two types of materials.

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