Micro Bubble Technolgy Comes to Diamond Spas

By Cindy
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There is a new technology that is abounding in the bath industry and we are excited to be one the first fabricators to be incorporating the optional bubble system into our soaking Tubs. The Micro Bubble System is a generator we can install with any of our tubs that will enhance the bathing experience. Think of it as a luxury massaging bubble bath without the chemicals, that works double time as a deep cleansing system.

By simply turning on the generator, the tub quickly starts to fill up with micro bubbles that appear as creamy white. The white appearance comes from anions that are in each of the bubbles. Anions are the negative charged particles that create a relaxed, euphoric feeling similar to those found at the base of a waterfall. These bubbles will slowly rise to the top and burst releasing anions . Anions will escape into the air in the form of a mist. The system will incorporate a massage function as well as a micro bubble generator.

The micro bubbles are smaller in size than pores on the skin allowing any dirt to be removed by the ultra fine bubbles. The micro bubbles will give the bather a deeper clean than a normal bath will, and remove toxins while leaving your skin ultra soft.

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