Miniature Luxury Soaking Tub for Beyonce’s New Baby

By Cindy
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What kind of baby gift do you get for first time parents Beyonce and Jay-Z? If you are Kelly Rowland, the former singer of R&B Destiny’s Child trio, you get a jewel encrusted luxury soaking tub, I guess. The $5,200 high end bath is made from over 40 thousand Swarovski crystals that have been hand applied to the shell of the antique tub. The mini version, which was purchased for the famous couple, was made to fit the new “baby to be”. The media is speculating that because the bath tub is pink, that the baby is a girl. If not, their are other jewel colors to choose from. We will have to wait and see, but in the meantime don’t put a ring on it, but put some BLING on it!

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