Mixing Up The Elements in Bathroom Design

By Cindy
Posted . Filed under Design Inspirations.

In the latest issue of Luxe, you will see this magnificent master bathroom complete with Diamond Spas custom copper sink and custom copper bath tub. I love how the designer used woods, brick, different metal finishes and even marble! The exposed brick looks really great with the copper. We get asked a lot about mixing up elements in design. Many of the question are regarding matching our copper and stainless steel products to existing cabinetry and door knobs and light fixtures. As you can see from this image, the bathroom has oil rubbed bronze light fixtures and knobs on the cabinetry and it works beautifully. A mixed metal room looks like it was designed and was well though out, each piece carefully chosen while paying attention to all the details. We have seen a few projects where the designer has ordered our stainless steel apron sink for a kitchen and mixed it with a copper ventilation hood and the look was quite chic.

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