New Features for Outdoor Spas and Hot Tubs

By Cindy
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In our last post we talked about trends in outdoor pools, and why it is important to plan now if you are considering installing or upgrading an outdoor pool or spa this year. If your plans also include an outdoor spa or hot tub, Diamond Spas can also customize these to your liking with the latest features. Check out these new features for outdoor spas and hot tubs:

  • massaging jets for a professional spa treatment with the added benefit of hydrotherapy
  • colored LED lights, sound, and entertainment systems
  • electric spa and hot tub covers
  • additional water features such as waterfalls and fountains
  • adjacent swim spas for soaking and swimming
  • ozonaters and round-the-clock filtration pumps for clean and clear water at all hours that requires less chlorine
  • aromatherapy fragrances

Check out some custom stainless steel and copper spas designed by Diamond Spas.

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