NKBA Kitchen and Bath Trending Designs in 2012

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As seen in NKBA

NKBA recently held their annual Design Competition to a nearly 500 participants. The 2012 competition exposed some design trends that are currently being seen all across the country. The National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) revealed the prevailing trends seen in 2012 .

1) Glossy Finishes and Fixtures:

Shimmering surfaces, shining fixtures, high-sheen finishes, and perfectly placed lighting accents are a prominent personality trait of current bathroom and kitchens. With jewel like tile surrounding the floors and walls, and shiny metals in apron sinks, hoods or soaking tubs, the kitchen and bath is getting a little bling of its own.

2) Interior use of Concrete:

Concrete has come along way since homeowners started using it years ago in the interiors of their home. The look can be customized by color and shape and looks more expensive than the actual cost.

3) Color Infusion behind Glass:

If you watch any design show these days, you may have noticed that designers are using glass tiles in all shapes and sizes. Using color behind the clear glass tile makes for a beautiful focal point.

Designed by David Sharff Architect

4) The White Kitchen, Reinvented:


The white kitchen is back…But in a refreshed way. White continues to make an appearance, in hues ranging from snow white to varying shades of creamy, muted, milky tones.This combination of colors and textures is a strong representation of the reinvented and renewed white kitchen – strong, sleek and superb.

5) Suspended Lighting:

Suspended lights are coming up everywhere including the bathroom. The result can be artistic pieces of sculpture that contribute to the visual appeal of a space, exuding light, glimmer and glitz.

6) Symmetry in Design:


A strong sense of symmetry enacted in room design creates stability and balance. If not a mirror reflection of itself, the space should possess components and pieces that act as counterbalance to the one another.

7) Repeating Complementing Shapes:

Starting with a particular shape and repeating it in various sizes, colors and textures adds a continuum that is soothing, easy to accept when you enter the room. It’s a principle that other areas of design are tapped into as well.

8) Traditional Technology in Non-Traditional Spaces:


Technology is not just for the game room or office anymore. There is a strong gravitational pull for technology in every room these days. From shower bars controlling water temps and jet pressure controls to the kitchen where built in computer notepads capture everything from recipes and grocery lists, to the family calender.

9) Tile in Totality:

Tile is making its presence known in contemporary bathrooms; occupying more and more wall, floor and backsplash space. The result is a more modern and clean.

10) Open Concept Bathroom:

Open plan bathrooms are more prevalent than ever and are not defined or confined by size. With the design centered on the efficiency of a bathroom space with very little in the way of walls or partial walls, the user-friendly and efficiency aspects will be at the forefront of planning.

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