NYC Hotel Unveils Its Hybrid Luxury Swimming Pool

By Cindy
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An outdoor swimming pool on the rooftop of a New York City Hotel? Sound like a fabulous idea in July when the sweat is rolling off your nose. But a swimming pool in the middle of January when the snow doesn’t melt? That may be a little harder to pull off, unless you are Mexico’s hottest Boutique Hotel Production team, Grupo Habita. Grupo Habita is fast becoming known for their hip boutique hotels that have been based mostly in Mexico. For the first time, the group has just unveiled their first hotel in the West Chelsea neighborhood of New York City, The Hotel Americano. Some of the creative touches that hotel guests will enjoy is the rooftop pool, La Piscine. A modern arrangement of cabanas and daybeds surround the hybrid luxury swimming pool. A cold pool in the summer and a hot tub in the winter will have guests lingering all year round.

Hybrid Swimming pool and hot tub

The Grupo Habita Hotels are known for the ultra modern touches and the Hotel Americano is no different. The guest rooms have everything from bean bags, hanging fireplaces, luxury soaking tubs, and of course and I-pad! The views of the New York skyline are breathtaking and can be see in different venues at the hotel.

The Grill at La Piscine


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