Old is New Again

By Cindy
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Shopping with my girls the other day I realized I should have kept all my clothes from 25 years ago. All the styles I wore in high school are back! Sperry topsiders, duck shoes, kitten heals, cardigans and khakis. I remember my Mom saying the same thing to me about style and how it all comes back around. She wore the same preppy cardigans with penny loafers that I wore, and now it is all coming back to this generation. The same goes for fashion in the home. Antique looking tubs are back, claw footed, slipper tubs are all the rage. Look in any design magazine and you are certain to see the old fashion tubs in updated amenities. Check out this new victorian tub that Diamond Spas just fabricated for a homeowner on the East Coast. The white washed bathroom makes the old fashioned copper tub a standout in the room. Notice how the tub filler is in a stainless finish instead of a coordinating copper and it looks seamless! There is no need to be matchy-matchy!

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