On High Security with Norwood Hardware’s Max Qotb

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 Norwood HardwareDiamond Spas chats with Max Qotb of Norwood Hardware to find out more on what makes Norwood Hardware so successful.

How did Norwood Hardware get started?

Norwood Hardware started in 1954 as a small, family owned retail store with an emphasis on door hardware. Our company developed the concept of providing a complete opening assembly which includes the door, frame, and hardware. Over the years, we have expanded the showroom for both commercial products and a growing display of decorative plumbing fixtures, door hardware, drop-in bowls, and pedestal sinks, designer lighting, custom mirrors, decorative hardware, and much more. We are one of the premier showrooms for quality designer fixtures and one of the largest distributors of commercial doors in Cincinnati. Our goal is to provide the finest products available to the industry in the shortest time possible at a competitive price.

Where are you located?

Norwood Hardware is now located in Evendale, Ohio.

Do you do business in other states/countries?

We are doing business not only in the US, but internationally as well. We are well known as a supplier that carries those unique hard to find items that many suppliers don’t carry.

Are your clients in the residential and/or commercial markets?

We serve the residential and commercial markets. On the commercial side we work with hospitals, schools, and large corporations. We have 61 employees who all specialize in their own division. The knowledge that the employees have here in their respective fields is amazing. If I don’t know something, there is someone here at Norwood that has a wealth of information on the issue. The employees here are devoted to their work, and they take pride in what they do. I (Max) specialize in plumbing, fixtures and tubs on the residential side. Norwood Hardware works with the high end residential markets.

In general where do you get your design ideas and inspirations?

Most clients come in with their own ideas and from there we do a lot of collaborating on function and aesthetics. I usually deal with the contractor on the project and many times I am going to each job site to understand the project and to make sure the client is getting the right fit, product and look they were envisioning.

What is the most interesting request that you have had from a client?

Norwood Hardware just finished a large 24,000 sq ft home in which the owner wanted a multi lock system on their 19 door residence. The 19 doors were tied into one unit in the master bedroom which would lock/unlock the doors simultaneously. We don’t see many of these types of large security systems in residences, especially at that scale.

How did you find out about Diamond Spas?

Norwood Hardware has been using Diamond Spas for quite some time. We have used them on quite a few projects and have been very happy with the quality of the work and most importantly, the communication and technical response from Diamond Spas.

Describe the product that you purchased from Diamond Spas? How and where was it used?

This last project that we just finished with Diamond Spas was for a homeowner that wanted a traditional stainless steel soaking bath. The completed project came out stunning.

What do you like most about the products from Diamond Spas?

High Quality

What are the big trends that you are seeing in the interior design industry right now?

Polished Chrome, Sleek modern European Lines, Infrared residential sink faucets, and access control with keypad or remote controls. Norwood Hardware deals with a lot of hardware that is not seen here in the US. Palm controlled access and very high security door systems.

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