Online Tools Help with Bathroom Renovation

By Cindy
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Luxury Bath by Diamond Spas

Bathrooms top homeowners’ lists of popular rooms to remodel, and if you look at your recouping costs on a bathroom renovation, you see that a rough 70% of the initial investment is returned. Not too bad for something that you can enjoy now and also reap the returns later. But, be warned, getting that high end bath room can end up being one of the costliest rooms in the house due to all the labor that is involved which includes electrical, plumbing and water issues.

Online Tools: There are some great online tools that can help in your initial bathroom renovation process. The bath estimator that can give you a general idea of your costs before meeting with architects, designers, and contractors. This is a rough estimate as it really depends how deluxe the project goes. If you plan on buying a luxury free standing tub for your renovation, your costs will surely go up. Planning out the bathroom remodel with tools such as homestyler or IKEA Bathroom planner can help get an idea on spacing and placement.

Design Gallery: There are many choices to make when it comes to a bathroom remodel. From tiles to tubs, the choices are endless. Websites like or ELLE DECOR are great places to start filing away images to your idea-books. Having pictures to share with your contractor or architect gives them a good idea what style you are going for and what your needs are.

Purchasing Product: Once you settle on your layout and design and have chosen the hardware, sinks, tubs, tiles etc, start your purchasing. Some of these items are not in stock or are built to order so you must give yourself time before the construction process begins also allowing for wrong sizing, colors, or broken pieces.

Hire a good Contractor: Most important in the whole design process is to hire a reputable contractor. Ask for references, their portfolio of their work and make sure to see their work first hand if possible. Hiring an OK contractor and a good contractor can be all the difference in the outcome.

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