Out Damn Spot! How to Remove Spots From Metal Sinks & Tubs

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stainless steel vessel sink

“Out Damn Spot, Out I say”. Lady Macbeth said it, and perhaps you have too if you have had any kind of water spots on your custom vessel sink or copper tub that you want to see gone. With any metal tub or sink, you will get water spots. The trick is how to remove them.

The maintenance of copper really depends on what look you are aiming for. Copper has been termed a “living metal.” It is a metal constantly reacting to its environment. This reaction sparks vivid color combinations in the appearance of the copper. These combinations range from pinks, to greens, to browns. The copper will not change evenly either. It will spot and streak in some instances. For some clients, this is exactly what they desire in their fixture. They like the unpredictable nature of copper and admire its character. This kind of copper maintenance is very easy.

Copper ofuro with copper Shower Pan With CopperWallPanels

Copper Care Guidelines

To maintain a “new penny” appearance we recommend using Wright’s Copper Cleaner, used on cookware and are found in most grocery stores. After using Wright’s, Diamond Spas recommends cleaning the fixture with a non-abrasive cleaner such as a mild dish washing soap and a soft cloth.

If you own a product that has a patina finish, a copper cleaner will completely remove the patina finish. Diamond Spas recommends using a mild cleanser to clean all factory patina finished fixtures like a liquid soap and wash rag.

custom Stainless steel tub shell with wood surround

Stainless Steel Care Guidelines

Stainless steel is fairly easy to maintain because the the metal is incredibly durable. Some tips to remember about owning a stainless steel Ofuro or sink is that rinsing your stainless steel thoroughly after each and every use will cut down your work cleaning. Also towel drying your stainless steel product after each and every use will prevent mineral deposits from building up on the surface.

Diamond Spas recommends cleaning your stainless steel product with a mild soap, warm water and a soft cloth.

Vinegar is very useful in removing water spots.

Windex is great for polishing and touching up your stainless steel product.

If you need an abrasive product to clean your stainless steel use a green scotch bright pad with light to medium pressure so you do not distort the existing finish. Use the scotch pad in a small circular pattern. DO NOT use steel wool. Steel wool pads have a tendency to break apart, and small particles will become embedded or lodged on the surface or your fixture. These steel particles will rust and it may make it look as if your stainless steel fixture is rusting.

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