Outdoor Pool Design Trends

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Over the last several years, people around the world have found that some of the best time spent outdoors can be found in the comfort of their backyard. Relaxing outdoor spaces have been shown to improve health and mental wellbeing and are part of the reason outdoor pools have exploded in popularity over the last two years. Here are some of the most popular outdoor design trends for the new year.

Adding a flowing water feature to your pool

Adding a flowing water feature is one of the top outdoor design trends this year and is a great way to make a spectacular pool that much better. The sound of the flowing water is great for relaxation and is proven to relieve stress. This feature is even better if the pool is in a high-traffic area where there is outside noise. Flowing water can help reduce noise pollution and makes enjoying time inside your backyard, whether you are in the pool or not, that much better.


Adding Ambient Lighting

Adding the right lighting to your pool can do wonders to your outdoor space. Ambient lighting transforms your backyard or balcony, allowing for a nighttime escape. Lighting also provides an extra safety measure for walking near your pool at night. A well-lit pool is also more enjoyable to look at from inside the house, adding beauty to your outdoor oasis.


Bringing Nature In

Natural elements are a great way to make your outdoor space feel more relaxing, and it has been one of the hottest outdoor living space trends for the last few years. Many pool owners have found that bringing in natural elements like plants and natural rock helps create a sanctuary in their own outdoor space. By adding plants, you can lounge around your private pool and feel like you are on a tropical retreat.


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