Overflowing with Style

By Cindy
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Is there really anything more soothing than the sound of water falling? Sometimes our clients will opt to place a water feature such as a spillover feature to block out unwanted noise.

A noisy air conditioning unit, a busy street, a city dwelling all have issues when it comes to noise production.  

Placing a water feature among your landscaping elements can not only add the visual elements to the yard, but also adds the appealing sound of water falling. 

One of our clients tried several different techniques to reduce the noise level that came from the nearby busy steet that they had behind their home. Each night as they went to their outdoor kitchen to enjoy their dinner outside, they would have to deal with the noise of the traffic that loomed outside their yard. From tall bushes to different fencing nothing seemed to work. Nothing really helped until a landcaper architect came and proposed a water feature. The architect talked about the sound of water and how the continuous noise of the water rushing will help with all the unwanted noise. 

Weeks later the custom water feature was installed and within seconds of the overflowing water feature falling, the only sound the client heard was a peaceful sound of nature at its finest.

Water features are fairly easy to maintain and can be installed with a remote on/off switch and better yet a time operated controlling system. The sound of nature with a push of a button.

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