Peek Into Our Clear Walled Hot Tubs

By Cindy
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Diamond Spas Custom Acrylic Walled Spa

Acrylic Walled Spa with Spillover Edge

Last year we finished up a substantial project for a cruise ship operator. This well known Cruise ship brought in Diamond Spas to build some custom stainless steel spas for their ship. Built with thick glass-like acrylic walls, the hot tubs were installed on the edge of the ship so their guest could feel virtually part of the sea. The project turned out spectacular! The design gave the hot tub a contemporary edge and as you can see in the images also doubles as a water feature as the water trickles down the acrylic wall. This spa seen here, the stainless steel spa with acrylic vanishing edge was done for a client in Southern California who wanted the spa for relaxation but also for its visual properties. As you can see by the photo, you are able to peak right into to spa. Another client used the acrylic on the base of the hot tub, and placed the hot tub on the upper level of his home, so when the client was in the hot tub he could look into the bottom level of the house and became part of visual effects of the home.

Call Diamond Spas and let us help you design your glass walled hot tub.

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