The Perfect Pool House: Tips & Tricks

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When you add a custom pool, hot tub, or luxury spa to turn your outdoor living space into your own private getaway, you might want to add a pool house to the design. The perfect pool house can be a great addition to your outdoor space, providing a beautiful and functional element to the fun, relaxing atmosphere and boosting everyone’s poolside enjoyment. A custom pool from Diamond Spas deserves an equally stunning pool house that both you and your guests can take advantage of and enjoy all year long.

Here are some tips and tricks to choosing the right pool house design and building the perfect pool house for your outdoor recreational area.

Design accordingly

  • When planning your pool house, be sure to take your home’s design into consideration. If your home has a distinctive design, your pool house should reflect that same type of style. It wouldn’t make sense to have a sophisticated home design and a casual pool house. If luxury is your primary goal, then mirroring your home’s design in your pool house design is one way to achieve a seamless, cohesive look.

Placement is essential

  • When deciding on the placement of your pool house, keep sun exposure and direction in mind. You’ll want to maximize the sun exposure for this part of your space to enable you and your guests to take advantage of the sun’s rays as much as possible.

Choose the right materials

  • For the poolside deck or pathway area leading to the pool house, choose something that doesn’t heat up too quickly, making walking on it with bare feet uncomfortable. Inside the pool house, make sure the floors are durable and easy to clean, able to hold up well under wet and possibly grassy feet without becoming stained or damaged by pool chemicals.

Put some “fun” in the function

  • For those who might not want to swim all day, your pool house design should include other methods of relaxing and having fun. Consider a gaming area with a pool table or ping pong table, a media room or separate section of the pool house to watch movies, and if you have the room, a bar area.

Double duty

  • If your pool house is large enough, make it a guest house as well. A living space separate from the main house might be the perfect solution for a renter, visiting relative, or that private studio space you’ve always wanted.

Storage solutions

  • Constructing a large closet or overhead attic area offers the perfect place to store all those pool toys, floating devices, and other pool-related paraphernalia when swimming season ends.

A key element of the ultimate backyard poolside experience is the perfect luxurious pool house. We hope these ideas for your pool house design have inspired you to add a pool house of your own to your outdoor living space. Perhaps you already have a hot tub, but not a pool in your backyard, or vice versa. Diamond Spas is the Colorado expert people know and trust to design and manufacture luxury hot tubs, home spas, and swimming pools. Contact us today and let us help you create the ultimate luxury retreat for you and your friends and family to enjoy. You deserve to have the kind of living space that suits your lifestyle and welcomes loved ones to join you as you relax and enjoy life. When you want the very best, you want a pool, hot tub, or home spa from Diamond Spas.

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