Peyton to Denver – Cold Plunge Maybe?

By Cindy
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If you live in Denver right now, you may be able to hear the Orange and Blue fan base shouting from the Mountain tops! Denver is going CRAZY over the news of Peyton Manning choosing the Denver Broncos to be his team where he will make his comeback. With 49ers and Titans out of the race, Bronco fans are going twitter crazy with the news.

Manning who has been in recovery after 3 neck surgeries in the past 19 months is back to tip top shape and is ready to come to the mile high city to prove to everyone that he still has it. Let’s face it Mr Manning is no spring chicken and has some doubting that he still has that famous passing arm, but to many he is the best in the league.

One of our suggestions to Mr Manning in his comeback and in his post surgery is a cold plunge pool which is already used by a majority of the NFL teams and most college level football facilities.

Designed specifically in mind for athletes who want and need the ultimate recovery after engaging in their rigorous sport, cold plunge benefits are plenty and include everything from stabilizing blood pressure, to enhancing the immunity system to numbing the nerves around the joint, thereby reducing pain and relieving inflammation and muscle spasms. Peyton Manning had an anterior fusion procedure which caused some issues with his nerves in his triceps and his arm strength. Manning threw the ball around for Broncos VP football operations John Elway, and from what he saw, Manning’s nerve damage in his throwing arm was sufficiently recovered. Peyton Manning will be a great addition to the Bronco Club and we look forward to getting him 100% healthy, and bringing the Broncos to a Championship.

Welcome to Mile High Country Peyton. We look forward to having you!

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