Phelps Bares Almost All for Ad in Luxury Tub

By Cindy
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The scantily clad photo of Michael Phelps lounging in a beautiful tub is getting the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and maybe a few ladies talking. The record holder for the most medals ever won in the Olympics has been under some scrutiny because of the racy ad that came out last week. The Louis Vuitton ad baring the half naked Phelps in a water filled luxury tub was slated to run August 16, 2012, which would follow the IOC rule 40 that states “athletes are not allowed to appear in non-Olympic sponsored ads between July 18 and Aug. 15”. Well somehow the ad came out before the August 16th approved date and the IOC has their speedos in a twist. There is talk of “stripping” Phelps’ of his London Olympic Medals because of the infraction but his agent is saying that it is highly unlikely.

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