Pool and Spa Plumbing Equipment-Remote vs Onsite Access

By Cindy
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onsite plumbing Self Contained Equipment Package

During the process of ordering your custom hot tub or spa our Spa Sales Manager will ask you where you would like your spa equipment to be placed. The choices for installation is either remotely or self contained. Remote access can be installed in a crawl space, equipment closet, basement or other location away from the custom spa. A self contained equipment package will have all the plumbing attached to the spa where an access panel is placed for easy access to the plumbing. Here are some points to consider before you decide on where your want to place your plumbing.

  • Space. You will need more of it if you want a self contained unit. Because all the equipment is on the spa, it will inevitably take up more space. If you don’t have the space near the spa for the plumbing, you will need to consider where you will put the remote package unit.
  • Noise. Some clients choose to put the equipment in another area as they don’t want the noise of the equipment when they are using the spa.
  • Ease. It can be easier having the plumbing located directly on the spa as you don’t have to have all the plumbing and pipes strewn throughout. If there are plumbing issues, a self contained unit is nice as you can make repairs on the unit and do testings without having to walk back and forth to the remote equipment.
  • Looks: Our access panel we place on the spa is very discreet. See image below to see how we fabricate the access panel on the spa. Some clients don’t want any type of doors or panels on the skirting and choose to do a remote location purely on aesthetics.
Remote Plumbing Package
access panel Access Panel to Spa
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