Pool Exercises for a Full Body Workout

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Pools aren’t just for having fun or learning to swim– you can get a great full body workout in the water to get in or stay in shape. If you’ve been looking for a new and refreshing way to work out or need a lower impact workout, a water workout could be perfect for you. Pool exercises are great for those with joint pain, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, or balance issues because the buoyancy of the water provides extra support for muscles and joints and the low impact can be tailored to match any ability level. Regardless of who you are, you can get a great full body workout in a pool that increases cardiovascular stamina and endurance, improves flexibility and strength, and burns calories in a short amount of time.

Moving your body through water rather than air adds resistance that can increase cardiovascular stamina and endurance, making your heart and lungs stronger and more efficient. Because of the resistance, any pool exercise will put you on the path to a stronger, more efficient cardiovascular system, but there are some specific workouts you can do to speed up that process. Twenty intense laps each of freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke will engage the whole body and build up endurance quickly. Doing jumping jacks while in the water will also work muscles in both your upper and lower body and you can add even more resistance with ankle weights. You hardly need any equipment for these exercises which make them great home workouts for those with a pool.

Pool exercises like high-knee lifts and leg shoots can help improve flexibility and both are very easy to do. To do a high-knee lift, start out by standing in waist high water. Bend your knee until it’s level with the water and keep it lifted for a few seconds before extending it straight out, holding for a few seconds. Slowly lower your leg, making sure to keep it straight and repeat the move with your other leg. Leg shoots require you keep your feet off the ground and start by tucking your knees into your chest. You will then explosively shoot your legs out in front of your body so you’re floating on your back. Next, bring your legs back in and shoot them back out behind your body so you’re floating on your stomach. Again, these pool exercises don’t require any equipment, making them perfect home exercises for any homeowner with a pool on their property.

You’ll notice the resistance offered by the water is a theme among many pool exercises and that’s because it can help you burn calories quicker than exercises on dry land. The heavier resistance underwater engages your muscles more fully and makes you work harder, meaning more calories burned.

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